In today’s society, a lot of people suffering in different mental illness, social phobia is very common now, it’s been affected by growth environment, social influence and their own social relationship. I want to use the rawest way to shoot human being, I would like to explore human nature deeper. I hope that by neglecting the visual beauty, in a very direct and even rough way, Expressed through behavioral feelings.
Director: Runze Yu
Director Photographer: Lingfei Ren
Producer: Chenhui Lin
Model: Matt Abilez
Hannah Hughes
Willow Gray
Kate Moroz
Lighting: Jialang Choi
Director Photographer assistant: Hanyu Wu
Makeup Artist: Takamasa Nakamoto
Hairstylist: Micheal
Set Designer: Erica Mao
Installation: Clayton 
Editor: Yong Chen
Designer: Shadow Xu Xiaotong
Yimin Zheng
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